RIGR Podcast hosts – Steven ‘Fenix’ Maes & Thaison ‘Hollywood’ Garcia sit down with fabricator and artist – Jake Smith.


Raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jake Smith headed to California after graduating high school to pursue his dream of working on motorcycles. Jake talks about learning from some of the best motorcycle fabricators on the west coast, being on TV, moving to the midwest, and finally returning to his roots.

An artist, fabricator, pinstriper and builder, Jake has created some amazing metal works, painted helmets, and motorcycles. Here is some of his work —

Visit Jakes official site at:

Hosted by: Steven “Fenix” Maes (@grafenix), Thaison “Hollywood” Garcia (@rustisgoldantiques), Chris “Sparky” Franco (@ridgebackracing)
Photo Credit: @SarahNest


Recorded on location at #RustIsGoldCoffee
Albuquerque, NM

Featured Music – “American Rocker”
Performed by Steve Lane