Rust Is Gold Coffee

Rust Is Gold Coffee is a passion more than just a business.
Founded by Rust is Gold Antiques owner, Thaison Garcia, Rust is Gold Coffee is built on a desire to create a space where the past and present coincide in the warmth of a café setting. Cultures around the world share a common thread and belief that community happens around a table – sharing a meal or having a drink, it’s where ideas are born and dreams are shared.

Thaison Garcia
RIG Founder / Owner
Thaison has been a collector of all things vintage for a very long time, and by combining the e-commerce aspect of Rust is Gold Antiques and the physical location of Rust is Gold Coffee, Thaison can display his “found” treasures for the community to enjoy while sharing their ideas, dreams and visions all around a really great cup of coffee.


Jimmy Deveney
Manager / Barista / Musician
A native son of Albuquerque, New Mexico – Jimmy spent the last 16 years in Austin Tx, learning the crafts of guitar building and repair, vintage stereo refurbishing, and the art and science of specialty coffee. Jimmy is the owner of Percolator Guitar Repair located in the ABQ Collective, and has brought all this experience home to Albuquerque, and to Rust is Gold Coffee, where he looks forward to making you a quality coffee drink.

Sara Nest
Barista / Photographer

Steven Maes
RIG Marketing / Co-Owner RIG Racing
Steven is a film industry Art Director and Graphic Artist. Having failed at being the world’s biggest Rockstar, he graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Media Arts and Communications. He has written and directed the soon to be released documentary Caffeine & Gasoline: Evolution of the American Rocker, a film about the Cafe Racer Motorcycle Culture.