Part 2 of the Sandia BMW Demo Day – the guys review the demo bikes.


In PART 2 of a TWO-PART episode, the guys review their demo bikes –  the #RNineTVintage, the #RNineTUrbanGS and the #F850GS, and give their thoughts on each bike. Who knows, there may even be a #Beemer convert in the group!

Sandia BMW Motorrad

Hosted by: Steven “Fenix” Maes (@grafenix), Thaison “Hollywood” Garcia (@rustisgoldantiques), Chris “Sparky” Franco (@ridgebackracing)
Photo Credit: @SarahNest


Recorded on location at Sandia BMW Motorcycle
Albuquerque, NM

Featured Music – “American Rocker”
Performed by Steve Lane